• Bewl Water (boat)

    Corrib Cup 13th June 2021 · Report by Russell Bell

    The Water Park was full of kids, the banks populated by dogwalkers, cyclists, picnickers and general sunseekers and Bewl was looking fantastic in full June sunshine.

    So it was with a good deal of trepidation that 12 brave members gathered for the off at 9am with the heat already building

    Fortunately Ian Watts had been out for several practice days and others had good returns at the Bewl Club’s boat competition the previous week so most headed for the top of Hook Strait where there were plenty of fish but few of them co-operative

    On returning to the main bowl, fish were seen moving in pods just sub-surface and feeding strongly on jelly fry but very reluctant to look at anything else no matter what was cast in front of them

    The net result was an extraordinary return with 10 members catching one fish each. The weigh-in was even more interesting as Bewl has removed the scales from outside the lodge, so we had to resort to a Top Gear style league table of fish laid out to determine size and weight. As you’d expect this resulted in much heated debate, a lot of fish shuffling as late arrivers contributed and a pretty dodgy record of the results below the first two places!

    The whole process made the beers at the Brown Trout all the more welcome

    Fortunately there was little doubt that Richard had the best fish and Ian the second, so the results for the day subject to any further appeals are as follows:

    • 1. Richard Denney – 1 fish
    • 2. Ian Watts – 1 fish
    • 3. James Dench - 1 fish each
    •      Alistair Garner
    •      Nick Cox
    •      Peter Thomason
    •      Russell Bell
    • 8. Ray French - 1 fish
    • 9. Graham Morgan Plumb - 1 fish
    • 10. John Dunmall – 1 fish
    • 11. Mick Priest
    •      Dave Crouch
  • Lakedown Trout Fishery

    9th June 2021 · Report by Thomason

    A good mid-week turnout saw 7 members fishing this very pleasant fishery. On early arrival we learned that recent warm weather had made the fishing harder and intermediate or sinking lines were recommended rather than the usual floating lines for this fishery. The group opted for four fish tickets and Mick Priest and Peter Thomason managed to bag up. Others had to work harder for one or two fish and there were a couple of blanks. Successful methods included weighted damsel patterns fished slowly on intermediate lines and (shock horror!) deer hair flies fished very slowly on fast sinking lines. The total catch was 12 fish but all were hard fighting, good conditioned fish

    As is usual, we were made very welcome and look forward to our next event here on 18th September

  • Brick Farm Fishery

    5th June 2021 · Report by Russell Bell

    Four members were due to take to the M4 for the journey down to Blagdon but unfortunately unforeseen injuries depleted numbers further. An executive decision was therefore made to move the venue nearer to home, so Russell and Graham took the A22 instead to visit Brick Farm at Herstmonceux which gave us the opportunity to check on arrangements for our summer event on 11 September

    With hot, breezy conditions prevailing, the fishing wasn’t easy but with clouds of blue damsels covering the water there was always hope. Graham kicked off with a good fish on Brick Lake while Russell went to the dark side on Spring Lake. The great thing about Brick Farm is the ability to move from one lake to the other quite easily with different conditions and methods to be used on each

    Fishing got tougher as the day progressed and the heat intensified, so by 4 o’clock we decided to adjourn to the lodge for a couple of very welcome cool beers before we headed home

    The result in this competition event was:

    • Graham 3 fish for 7lbs 4oz – 12 Championship points
    • Russell 2 fish for 5lbs 2oz – 10 Championship points
  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round I 29th May 2021 · Report by Scott Benton

    There was a very good turn out on the day with nine pairs entering the friendly competition

    Breakfast rolls were enjoyed by all and paid for by the club

    Weather conditions were mainly bright with the occasional cloud and the temperature was warm

    The fishing was extremely tough with none of the competitors able to reach their catch limit. 14 fish were caught in total

    • 1 - Andy Stoner & Jim Streeter - 3 fish
    • 2 - Keith Nicholson & Peter Thomason - 3 fish
    • 3 - Mick Priest & Scott Benton - 3 fish
    • 4 - Steve Collins & Gavin Swain - 2 fish
    • 5 - Micky Heasman & Jo - 1 fish
    • 6 - Keith Lawrence & April Heasman - 1 fish
    • 7 - Eddie Benton & James Constantine - 1 fish
    • 8 - Mike O’Loan & James Collins - 0 fish
    • 9 - Ray Burt & Martyn Gray - 0 fish
  • Chigboro Fishery

    22nd May 2021 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Just two of us (Keith Nicholson and me) fished this event, which means that others missed a great day’s fishing on this enjoyable and productive fishery. On arrival, the water in both lakes was clear, there was good cloud cover and a moderate breeze – all boding well for a good day. We started fishing on Rook Hall, the smaller of the two lakes, both fishing with floating lines and teams of Buzzers (a successful method on previous visits). I was soon into a fish which was fit and fought well. Although there were a few more takes, fish were seen near the surface and a change to fishing Buzzers and Diawl Bachs on the “washing line” with a small Booby on the point quickly brought more fish although Keith was finding fewer until he changed to fishing a single small dry fly – initially a Crippled Midge and then Shuttlecock Cul de Canard patterns which were easier to see in the ripple. By lunchtime, I had changed to the dries and then we retired to the comfortable fishing lodge with the scores at 12 to me and 4 to Keith

    The afternoon session was fished on the larger Home Water and Keith quickly caught up by initially staying with the dries and then spotting pods of fish, attacking them with flies that appealed to their more aggressive and competitive natures. I stuck with the dries and had two more fish. The day ended in a draw with 14 fish each, all returned to the water. More fish were hooked but lost and we were kept busy all the time. In between takes, there was plenty to enjoy with the numbers of wildfowl with their broods of ducklings and goslings

    Altogether, a very enjoyable day. This is an excellent fishery which allows catch and release fishing at a very reasonable cost of £26. The fish are fit and in good condition with numbers of blue trout. We look forward to the Society’s next visit which is scheduled for 29 September

    As this was a Championship event and a draw, the points for first and second place were combined and divided between the two of us at 11 points each

  • Lakedown Trout Fishery

    19th May 2021 · Report by Micky Heasman

    Headline News - TWFFS Members continue their great form after Covid Lockdown!

    Twelve Society members attended this mid-week Lakedown event. Conditions looked to be perfect with cloud cover and a light breeze and once again we were well looked after by Jamie, Ted and of course Cathy who provided our breakfast rolls, teas/coffees and the famous lemon drizzle cake

    Ted briefed us to use good strong leaders as there were some good fish to be found. Once again all of the lakes produced quality hard-fighting fish

    All the attending anglers caught fish with most getting at least 3 fish. The lakes looked stunning in the spring sunshine and it was lovely to see Mayfly coming off

    The star of the day has to be new member Buster Heasman following on from big fish hunters Micky Priest and Cane Lawrence who had both caught 5lb plus rainbow trout at other TWFFS outings, Buster had to go better - fishing on Lake 3 with a goldhead Dawson’s Olive he hooked into what initially looked like a good fish which then turned into 'that's a bloody good fish' when it travelled in front of us in the crystal clear water. Buster stayed patient and played the fish very well until it was ready to come to the net. I estimated it to be six or seven pounds on first look – an underestimation, as it turned out. It tipped the scales at a wonderful 8lb 4oz - well done Buster! He had already landed a very nice 3lb 4oz fish earlier in the morning

    Altogether we managed to land 41 fish - which was a fabulous return. Several of which were over 3lb. Dave Crouch landed a cracking 4lb fish and of course the 8lb 4oz mentioned earlier

    A special mention for April Heasman who's casting is improving all the time with some casting tuition kindly offered by Ted which was topped off with a nice fish caught that snaffled a Cat’s Whisker on Lake 2 - well done April!

    A fabulous day enjoyed by all

  • Bewl Water

    16th May 2021 · Report by Graham Morgan Plumb

    Eleven members risked the rather gloomy weather forecast to fish on what turned out to be a very quiet day in terms of fishing pressure at Bewl Water. New member John Dunmall was welcomed to the Society and following a draw for boat partners, the flotilla set sail. The majority of boats headed for the dam and main bowl whilst others settled for Bewl Strait. Although the day started fairly settled, a series of cold and windy squalls blowing down the lake soon dispelled any fantasy of a warm spring day

    The fish did not seem to mind though and it soon became evident that we were in for a good day. A stop for lunch and a chance to shelter from the chill wind and chat with club mates brought confirmation that fish were to be found off the dam and into the main bowl. Bewl Strait and Rosemary Lane proving much harder fishing. Fabs, Boobies and Cormorants fished on a floating, midge-tip or intermediate line were proving to be the most successful fish attractors

    The afternoon proceeded as per the morning – a chill wind, cold rain and obliging fish (sometimes). Eighty-eight trout were caught by eleven anglers giving a rod average of eight. The individuals scores were:

    • 1. Ray French – 15 Fish (12 Championship points)
    • 2. Ian Watts – 14 Fish (10 Championship points)
    • 3. Alastair Garner – 9 Fish (8 Championship points)
    • 4. Mark Tremain-Coker – 9 Fish with lower weight than 3rd place (7 Championship points)
    • 5. Nick Cox – 8 Fish (6 Championship points)
    • 6. Richard Denney Jnr – 8 Fish with lower weight than 5th place (5 Championship points)
    • 7. Peter Thomason – 7 Fish (2 Championship points)
    • 8. John Dunmall – 6 Fish (2 Championship points)
    • 9. Graham Morgan Plumb – 5 Fish (2 Championship points)
    • 10. Dave Crouch – 4 Fish (2 Championship points)
    • 11. Mick Priest – 3 Fish (2 Championship points)

    The day concluded with an alfresco pint for the hardy at the Brown Trout

  • Spring Hill Fishery

    12th May 2021 · Report by Neil Osmond

    Originally scheduled for Coltsford Mill, a last-minute venue change saw six of us arrive at Springhill Trout Fishery for the day’s fishing. Unfortunately, Coltsford Mill had already been booked for the 12th and observing Covid 19 precautions were unable to accommodate us when we went to finalise the booking

    That said, Springhill were very welcoming and offered a chance to fish a venue not visited for several years – I live locally and haven’t made it there for over a year. Ray and Peter were quickly into their stride, Ray using an Apps Worm to land his first four fish in quick succession, Peter successful with small Tadpole flies fished on a floating line. For some of us progress was a little slower, however switching to Mayfly nymph/drowned mayfly and buzzer patterns reaped dividends resulting in further fish landed and the occasional early release for good measure

    Throughout the day a fair few mayfly were observed and (once the heavy showers of the last week) desist I will be going back for some evening fishing. One of the benefits of Springhill is Lee and Jane live on site, therefore it is possible to fish into the evenings by prior arrangement

    So whilst missing the opportunity to fish at Coltsford Mill was a pity (maybe next year), Springhill proved a good alternative….if nothing else there was warm homemade sausage rolls to start the day and a pint at the local Pembury hostelry to finish!

    Thanks to all who attended (Peter, Ray, Alan Dean, Micky and April)

  • Elinor Fishery

    8th May 2021 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Eight members, including one junior member, fished this Championship event. The weather forecast was forbidding, predicting strong winds and rain for most of the day but our members are made of strong stuff and were not daunted by a forecast which was correct in every detail!

    All but Keith Lawrence and our brave junior member, Cane Lawrence, chose to fish from the windward bank. Keith and Cane went afloat and sensibly donned lifejackets

    Recent reports indicated that Elinor was fishing well and the day affirmed this with fish feeding quite high in the water making intermediate and floating lines the effective choice together with a “washing line” set up with FAB or Booby on the point and Buzzers or Diawl Bachs on droppers. Blobs with steady “rolly-polly” retrieve also proved successful. In the midst of blustery winds, Micky Heasman found a sheltered corner and tempted several fish to dry CdC flies, demonstrating the advantage of an open mind and a flexible approach

    The fact that all members were successful is a tribute to the management and stocking policy adopted by Ed Foster who runs this very pleasant fishery and keeps ticket prices at very economical levels. Catch and release is also allowed which enabled us to fish this Championship event purely on numbers of fish caught, regardless of weight. Two exceptional performances on the day were recorded: Ian Watts with a remarkable total of 25 fish and young Cane Lawrence with the best fish of the day (and a personal best ever) weighing in at a splendid 5lb 3oz – well done Ian and Cane!

    After a wet and windy but enjoyable day, the results were:

    • 1. Ian Watts with 25 fish – 12 Championship points
    •      Russell Bell and Alex Nicholson with 10 fish each – 9 Championship points each
    • 4. Keith Nicholson with 8 fish – 7 Championship points
    • 5. Peter Thomason with 6 fish – 6 Championship points
    • 6. Keith Lawrence with 4 fish – 5 Championship points

    Cane Lawrence had 3 fish (including his personal best) and Micky Heasman had 2 fish – each were awarded 2 Championship points for participating

    We look forward to future visits to this productive and friendly fishery

  • Lakedown Trout Fishery

    Fur & Feather Cup 2020 - 1st May 2021 · Report by Graham Morgan Plumb

    Thirty-three members attended the long awaited and eagerly anticipated 2020 Fur & Feather Cup event. The day started with breakfast baps and the opportunity to catch up with fellow members in the morning sunshine. As our Chairman said, it was good to see some new faces as well as some old faces and some very old faces!

    A walk-off commenced the fishing as anglers headed for all four lakes. The weather was bright and the water clear but that did not douse the enthusiasm to be fishing again

    For most anglers, the morning started slowly, albeit with some notable exceptions. First angler to bag up (four fish landed by a ridiculously early 09:40) was Ray Burt. Damsels, GRHEs, PTNs, Blobs, Boobies and Apps Bloodworm accounted for the majority of fish during the morning with catches spread across all four lakes

    Weigh-in commenced at 13:30 which revealed that the best fish had been caught by Mick Priest at 5lb 12oz and that top bag was caught by Alan Dean at 10lb. Congratulations to Mick and Alan

    The quality of the raffle prizes was matched by the quantity of raffle tickets sold; with a magnificent sum of £755.50 being raised. This was supplemented by £75 from the sales of club merchandise (or merch for anyone under the age of 16), and £70 raised for Hospice in the Weald

    A tasty and welcome lunch was prepared and served by Cathy and assistants. Somewhat unique for the Fur and Feather, the meal was taken sitting outside in the spring sunshine

    All in all, a very enjoyable day in enjoyable company. Hopefully, heralding a return to more normal time for the Society and members

    Many thanks to Cathy and her assistants and to Ted and Jamie for making the day a clear success

  • Rib Valley

    28th April 2021 · Report by Micky Heasman

    This was the first TWFFS mid-week event of 2021 and eight of us travelled to Rib Valley Fishery near Ware in Hertfordshire. On past visits we have frequented the famed Ware to Eat Cafe and enjoyed or struggled with their very generous breakfasts. Due to continued covid restrictions we could only enjoy take-away breakfast rolls on this occasion, which were pre-ordered. The friendly chap taking the order offered 'Jumbo' breakfast rolls! It’s fair to say that I’ve not known any TWFFS angler or supporter to turn down anything described as Jumbo - be that a trout, a beer, a nymph, a Booby (yes the fly) or a brekkie roll. So the Jumbo was ordered and duly picked up from the café on route to the lake. Jumbo was an understatement! Each of us had to munch through a French baguette of at least 24 inches stuffed full of bacon, eggs, and sausages. Peter 'Tommo' Thomason suggested that after eating the 'Jumbo' we needed to run around the lake three times, swim to the Island and back three times and then something else ( which escapes me) to complete: a TWFFS version of a triathlon to shed the calories consumed. It was great to see people together at the waters edge enjoying each others company and banter

    Enough of the Jumbo - how was the fishing? Not as prolific as many of our previous visits. Buzzers (which are normally so prolific at Rib Valley) worked but fishing was slow and the fish finicky. Conditions were not ideal with a cold north-easterly breeze. That said, most but sadly not all of us, did manage to get some fish. Micky H managed 4, new member Buster Heasman bagged 3, Peter Thomason managed 2, Andy Stoner and Russell Bell got one apiece and another new member Paul Osborne just could not get the fish to stick but he will be back to take them on again

    On a final note it was lovely that April Heasman and Suzanne Stoner were able to join us for the day and to also have a go at some fishing. It was also a relief that on this occasion the ladies didn't catch more than the chaps. That I'm sure will soon become a tale for our archives

    My thanks to all that could make the day and for making it a very enjoyable one

  • Bewl Water

    24th April 2021 · Report by Russell Bell

    Ten members braved challenging conditions and reports of poor returns to face very bright sunshine and a variable but cold north-easterly wind

    A number of misleading reports had been received including Tinkers and 7lb Creek being "stuffed with fish" according to the absent Mr Collins, but persistence paid off with most fish being found well into Dunsters and others finding a few fish spread along Chingley Wood and across Bewl Straight

    The main excitement of the morning was an SOS sent out by our Secretary to rescue him from a drogue drama brought about by his negligent boat partner (no names but the initials MP may seem familiar). Luckily Nick Cox arrived with "blues and two's" to save the day while Fireman Dave Crouch complained bitterly that in answering the call he had been pulled off "No-fish Creek" to get there too late

    Graham M-P led the way at lunchtime with 4 fish caught on a mixture of buzzers and nymphs, but afterwards Keith L took over with a splendid display of twiddling a fast glass line with diawl bachs above a cormorant booby

    At one point four of our five boats were packed into Dunsters alongside a couple of our AM friends but fish continued to be caught well into the afternoon with Keith lawrence leaving the field behind by the end and the usual adjournment to the Brown Trout

    Your Chairman’s decision earlier in the season to share points between anglers tying for a place continued to cause problems, with your Secretary having to use a calculator as well as his luggage scales get the results right as follows:

    • 1 - Keith Lawrence - 2 fish 4.3lb + 7 fish 14lb = 18.3lb
    • 2 - Ian Watts - 2 fish 4.8lb + 3 fish 6lb = 10.8lb
    •      Mark Tremain-Coker - 2 fish 4.8lb + 3 fish 6lb = 10.8lb
    • 4 - Graham Morgan Plumb - 2 fish 3.6lb + 3 fish 6lb = 9.6lb
    • 5 - Nick Cox - 2 fish 4lb + 2 fish 4lb = 8lb
    • 6 - Peter Thomason - 2 fish 4lb + 1 fish 2lb = 6lb
    • 7 - Russell Bell 2 fish 3.3lb + 1 fish 2lb = 5.3lb
    • 8- Dave Crouch - 1 fish 2.5lb
    • 9 - Mick Priest - 1 fish 2.1lb
    • 10 - Andy Stoner – 0 fish
  • Bewl Water (bank fishing)

    Dave Clark Cup - 18th April 2021 · Report by Neil Osmond

    Sunday turned out to be a bright day, predominately sunny with a stronger than expected northerly wind. The nine of us, dropped off at Ferry Point, split into two groups – one group heading south down to Monty’s Seat and the second east along to Dunsters Point. Fishing was slow for the first hour or so, the group at Monty’s not having the slightest touch on any fly. Gary landed a pike but the trout were elusive. By general consent, the competition was fished to the rule that the first two fish should be kept and weighed and subsequent fish released and 2 lb added to the weight of the first two fish for any subsequently released

    Relocating just around the corner facing Bewl Straight the pace picked up with James and Gary netting three fish between them in short succession. James went on to net five fish and Gary two by lunch, the rest had rather more modest figures between us! During lunch a raffle was held raising £45; James continued his good run of form by bagging first prize, Russell second, collecting a very nice set of flies donated by Peter

    Nick Cox, fishing from boat, briefly passed by to exchange the standard pleasantries, it turned out fishing from boats had also been challenging (although boat 42 who had taking the ‘any methods’ somewhat literally was seen to be pulling a number of fish in)

    Following lunch Gary seized on a new and somewhat novel approach to retrieving - cast, set the rod down, walk away ... and let the fish do the rest! This approach resulted in a wholesale change of tactics, most of us switching over to a range of faster sinking lines – Di3 through Di7 – with short leaders and a single fly (Booby or Blob) on point. Within the hour Gary had stolen a march on James and headed up the leader board with seven. However, with the fishing going off again, James snuck in with a further two to level things up at six apiece. There was much contention, debate and banter between the two regarding the legitimacy of their respective catches, foul hooking and early release all being cited as reasons to disqualify numbers caught. In the meantime I eventually managed to catch my one solitary fish for the day

    Tied for the lead it all came down to the weigh in back at the lodge, however with no scales (they had been removed for Covid bio security) this made a weigh-in somewhat challenging! Eventually a tape measure was found and the 2 fish retained by James and Gary measured…..and they were the same….so with no way to split them the result of the Dave Clarke cup was announced a draw between Gary Collins and James Dench, well done both. Mick Priest came in third with three fish….the rest, well let’s just say it was not the most prolific of days

    The full results were:

    • Joint first place with two fish each of equal lengths plus a further four fish each – Gary Collins and James Dench - 11 Championship points each
    • Third place with two fish retained and one released – Mick Priest - 8 Championship points
    • Fourth place with one fish (18 in) – Peter Thomason - 7 Championship points
    • Fifth place with one fish (16.5 in) – Andy Stoner - 6 Championship points
    • Sixth place with one fish (16 in) – Neil Osmond - 5 Championship points

    Russell Bell, Dave Crouch and Graham Morgan Plumb were each awarded the standard 2 Championship participants’ points

    A few points I will take away

    A great day with the usual good banter – thanks to all

    Must get leaky waders fixed

    For future Bewl Competition event bear in mind no scales at the lodge

    Investigate benefit of woodland patterned combat clothing for fishing in boats (thought I’d originally got the date/place wrong and turned up at a paintball convention)

  • Chalybeate Spring Trout Fishery

    10th April 2021 · Report by Scott Benton

    Weather conditions cold and wind that constantly changed direction, 10 anglers that were very pleased to be out fishing as a club once more

    Fishing was slow and steady with a majority having lots of pulls and fish lost, flies that caught mainly were blood worms, black and green small lures and Cormorants

    Mickey Heasman produced some raffle prizes and Jim generously donated a 2 fish ticket as a prize. The raffle raised a total of £43

    It was mentioned to Eddie on arrival he’d show his dad up and which he did (obviously I’ve passed my knowledge on and haven’t retained it for myself!)

    The results were:

    • 1 - Ray Burt with six fish – 12 Championship points
    • 2 - Russell Bell with six fish – 10 Championship points
    • 3 - Martyn Gray with four fish – 8 Championship points
    • 4 - Eddie Benton and Andy Stoner with equal weights (Eddie four fish, Andy three fish) – 7 Championship points each
    • 6 - Micky Heasman with four fish – 5 Championship points

    Mick Priest, Peter Thomason, Buster Heasman and Scott Benton were each awarded 2 Championship points

    Buster Heasman and Scott Benton chose not to catch any as they didn’t have any freezer space!

    An enjoyable day even with the afternoon’s cold rain and a son who is still rubbing it in!

    Well done everyone and here’s looking forward to the next event

  • Bewl Water (bank fishing)

    5th April 2021 · Report by Peter Thomason

    At last, the Society has resumed its programme of fishing events. This prelude to a long-awaited season was fished from the bank at Bewl. Eleven members attended and preliminary consultations and organisation ensured a successful start: tickets were purchased on line and in advance, meeting time and place agreed. The previous week’s exceptionally warm weather had been ousted by northerly winds and arctic conditions accompanied by a sprinkling of snowflakes

    Our return to fishing was marked by the Chairman’s most generous gesture of a bottle of fine malt whisky to toast the occasion and to counter the cold. Wind and weather conditions governed the choice of bank and all participants selected the area between The Oaks at Rosemary Lane around to Goose Creek. The water had been fishing exceptionally well from Bewl’s opening day on 29 March but the day’s cold weather and previous angling pressure resulted in more challenging conditions. By experiment and persistence our party landed a respectable total of 19 fish with additional takes and lost fish. The average weight was a little over 2lb with the heaviest fish falling to the rod of Micky Heasman at 2lb 12oz

    As a championship event, it was agreed that we would catch and kill our first two fish which would then be weighed and any subsequent fish released but adding a 2lb bonus to the initial weight. Successful flies and methods ranged from Buzzers and Apps Worms on floating lines to Boobies fished on fast sinking lines. Versatility was rewarded!

    The cold conditions prompted a welcome end to fishing at 3.00 p.m. (although one hardy member chose to fish on after the weigh-in!) Four members were successful in exceeding the two-fish catch and weigh limit

    The Championship results were:

    Equal first place: Ian Watts and Peter Thomason, both with four fish and a total weight of 8lb 2oz – 11 Championship points each

    Third place: Mick Priest with four fish and a total weight of 7lb 2oz – 8 Championship points

    Fourth place: Micky Heasman with three fish and a total weight of 5lb 1oz

    Fifth place: Keith Lawrence with 2 fish weighing 4lb 4oz

    Sixth place: Russell Bell with 1 fish weighing 2lb 3oz

    The remaining five members received 2 Championship points each for participating:

    • Gary Collins
    • Buster Heasman
    • Mike Marsh
    • Graham Morgan Plumb
    • Andy Stoner

    The close of a very enjoyable and companionable day was marked by draining the remaining dregs of the malt whisky

    Here’s to more happy days!