• Draycote

    2nd July 2022 · Report by Ian Watts

    Three widely travelled members (Graham Morgan Plumb, John Dunmall and Ian Watts) required even more Loch Style practice and were joined by Tim Williams, who gladly made up the numbers

    The choice of breakfast establishment, pre-competition is always tricky. However, The Dun Cow at Dunchurch was an inspired one! A full English plus unlimited coffee and tea for £12.50 is the best value I've seen and I have travelled a fair few miles already this year!

    Some rain was forecast around lunchtime with sunshine either side of the clouds. So a mixed bag of weather for the day was expected!

    At Draycote Water, we were greeted by the Ranger with 'secretive' news of fish in Biggin Bay through to Lincroft and into Toft, also at C Buoy through to D, and a good head of fish in Rainbow Corner

    On parking the cars and then through tackling up in the boat at 9:00, it started to rain

    Both boats with Tim and Graham in one and John and Ian in the other, headed over to Biggin Bay. Here they stayed for an hour or two with Ian catching the first fish at 10:34, with Graham catching his first at 10:50

    With not much action in Biggin Bay, Tim and Graham carried on drifting towards Lincroft and into Toft with the other boat heading off to the Dam and C Buoy

    It carried on raining!

    Both boats adopted the 'searching for fish' process with not much surface or rod action anywhere! Tim bribed Graham with the promises of coffee, cake and getting dry at lunchtime and headed to the warmth of the lakeside café! John and Ian stuck it out and dutifully carried on fishing, eating soggy sandwiches in the rain

    Luckily, they found surface activity plus feeding fish at B Buoy and caught several fish. Ian quickly losing 3 fish! One take completely ripped the line from Ian's fingers, followed by a loud crack of his 10lb X-line snapping! The next lost fish, was a double-up, Ian losing both! Ian's final released fish, acted on hooking with 'torpedo like' precision', propelled itself toward the boat at speed and promptly jumped, spat out the fly and leisurely swam off! Barbless hooks took a verbal bashing from 'Unlucky' Ian! (Some would say, more 'Useless', than unlucky!)

    Tactics were to cast out, pull the line straight and keep the flies high in the water, just sub-surface but completely static. The line would simply pull straight. John had two 3lb lumps, one which swam around to the back of the boat and tangled itself on the engine. Luckily, Ian, being John's 'best ever' boat partner, quickly pulled in the drogue and caringly, untangled John's tippet from the propeller, for him to successfully land the beast!

    Tim and Graham, now refreshed, warm and dried out, headed back to Biggin Bay and found some recently stocked fish that were shoaling very close to the bank. Now with plenty of action, they 'stockie-bashed' for the rest of the day . Tim pulling out 7 and Graham 3! Ian and John joined them at 'Last Knockings' but by then the shoal had scattered

    Having rained all day, the weather now took a turn for the worse, leaving the heaviest rain shower for last. Unfortunately, during this 'monsoon-like' downpour, Tim was playing the biggest fish of the day. Tim said it was close to 6lb! Graham, obviously embittered, had a different estimation! At close, the sun finally made an appearance!

    Amazingly, all TWFFS members had 3 fish! Tim, obviously disqualified, as a non-member, had 7!


    • 1. Ian Watts 3 fish - First at 10:34
    • 2. Graham Morgan Plumb 3 fish - First at 10:50
    • 3. John Dunmall 3 fish - First at 12:05
  • Coltsford Mill

    1st June 2022 · Report by Peter Thomason

    This mid-week event was attended by Ray Burt, Martyn Gray and Peter Thomason. The fishing at this attractive and well-maintained fishery started well with fish being caught on the larger Mill Lake on floating lines and Cruncher nymphs. Other fish were taken on intermediate lines and Snake flies. As is often the case on small fisheries, takes became less frequent as the morning wore on and Martyn and Peter had to work hard to add to their morning bags. Also, as is often the case, Ray had completed his five fish limit by then!

    The day ended with Ray with his five fish, Martyn with four and Peter two. All fish were of good quality, nearing three pounds weight and hard fighting

    An enjoyable day in pleasant surroundings and good company

  • Bewl Water

    29th May 2022 - Corrib Cup · Report by Ian Watts

    Half Term holidays, members abroad, fishing trips and family ties decimated the TWFFS field for this Championship and trophy day out at Bewl Water. However, four Bewl Water stalwarts arrived for the match, Nick Cox, James Dench, John Dunmall and Ian Watts. One boat (Nick and James) were quickly racing out of the dock heading for Bewl Straight, with some obvious, insider knowledge. The other, containing the Dream Team of John and Ian, leisurely and somewhat hopefully, set off for the Dam. The blue sky and sunshine was replaced in the morning with dark cloud and the northerly wind, quickly turned north-easterly to confuse the fish and anglers even more. After three consecutive days at Draycote, Ian was quickly into the groove and caught steadily. John had a 'fish a chuck' bonus to land three fish just before lunch

    Sandwiches were taken at the Fishing Lodge at 12.30pm with Ian on 4, John 3, James 1 and local expert Nick, without a pull! After lunch, the roles had reversed with the Dream Team desperate to get out onto the water but were quickly joined at the dam by Nick and James. James and Ian caught again throughout the afternoon but the takes dried up for John and Nick finally had his bite and a fish!

    At close, Ian had 10, James 5, John 4 and Nick avoided the blank with 1 fish

    James used a floater twiddling two bright flies back to tempt the fish. Ian, using a slow glass, opted for, shall we say, a 'quicker' retrieve to almost bully the fish into taking! Hard fishing at times with the fish coming short and even though most of the fish were just pushing 1lb 8oz, they gave a good account of themselves. All 20 fish were released

    A 'Big Mention' to James, who on seeing that there were only 3 down to fish, rearranged his beauty appointment to join us! Top Bloke!

  • Powdermill Reservoir

    22nd May 2022 · Report by Neil Osmond

    Six members of TWFFS fished Powdermill reservoir with two opting to fish from the bank and four from boats. The weather was hot and sunny with little cloud cover.

    In the morning Mick Priest was the most successful having bagged fish from the bank by one o’clock. Several methods were employed but if memory serves correctly one of the most successful was twiddling Crunchers back slowly in the ripple, that method accounted for three of the five fish. James Dench shared a boat with Gary Collins and picked up the biggest trout of the day in the morning weighing in at 4lb 8oz. Between them they landed four fish by lunchtime. Bob Holland and I sharing the other boat were less successful, Bob landing one fish using Irish wet fly patterns whilst I perfecting the art of long range release

    In the afternoon fishing did pick up and by the end of the day James, Gary and Mick had all bagged up with six fish apiece. There were more mayfly coming off the water, Bob landing a further three fish on Grey Wulff patterns. I continued to perfect hooking then executing long range release along with Buster Heasman who also had a hot challenging day fishing from the bank

    All in all a great sociable day with good company even if the fishing was a little challenging (for me at least). A welcome pint afterwards in the Queens Head at Seddlecombe rounded of a very pleasant day

    Results for the day were:

    • 1. James Dench 6 fish 18lb 8oz and heaviest fish of the day at 4lb 8oz
    • 2. Mick Priest 6 fish 11lb 0oz
    • 3. Gary Collins 6 fish 10lb 2oz
    • 4. Bob Holland 4 fish 6lb 6oz

    Buster Heasman and Neil Osmond nil fish but 2 Championship points each for attending

  • Lakedown Trout Fishery

    27th April 2022 · Report by Peter Thomason

    There was a very good turnout for this mid-week "social" fishing event with twelve members and one guest. Lakedown was in prime springtime leaf and bloom with good water clarity and the many bankside improvements which Jamie Daltry is currently undertaking. What appeared to be ideal conditions were somewhat diminished by a brisk and cold north-easterly wind. Despite this, only one blank was recorded and a total of 38 good quality, hard fighting rainbows were netted. Lunch was taken with the comforts of the eponymous beer and fishing resumed until 4.00 p.m. with the afternoon session proving more challenging than the morning. Successful methods ranged from nymphs on floating lines to lures and Boobies on medium sinking lines

    Altogether this was a most enjoyable day with most enjoyable company at a most enjoyable fishery

  • Bewl Water (bank fishing)

    Dave Clarke Cup - 16th April 2022 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Nine members fished this trophy and Championship event at Bewl. The general consensus was to fish the bank from Ferry Point to Monty’s Seat and to Dunsters Bay. Unusually for a bank holiday weekend, the weather was warm with bright sunshine; combined with clear water, this did not provide the most propitious of fishing conditions as demonstrated by the final results!

    All participants tried a wide variety of techniques on lines from floating to DI7 and takes were very few and far between. By lunchtime only three rods had fish in the bag and one or two rods had either lost a fish or had takes but no hook-ups. The afternoon session continued in the same desolate vein for most

    The day ended with just three rods having fish and five rods blanking. The winner of the day with a very creditable performance was James Dench with four fish. James thus retained the Dave Clarke Cup for another year plus 12 Championship points. Runner-up was Gary Collins whose one fish earned 10 Championship points and third place also with one fish went to Ian Watts with eight Championship points. The remainder of the field earned two Championship points each and a well-earned accolade for persistence and good cheer!

    Fishing is not wholly about catching and this day proved the point with good company and Bewl Water in its prime springtime array

  • Bewl Water (bank fishing)

    26th March 2022 · Report by Russell Bell

    Eight members attended our second competitive outing of the season. On a bright and warm day (for the time of year) we allowed all 52 Any Method boats to head off on what looked like a strongly supported competition before being dropped off at Ferry Point for the day (on the strong recommendation of Nick Cox and Alastair Garner – the irony will become apparent later…..)

    A light north-easterly made conditions comfortable initially, only later to strengthen later to make casting from the Point to the Gorse Bushes more challenging

    The more intrepid anglers braved the trek towards Dunsters where Ian Watts was rewarded with 5 fish by lunchtime with the less energetic working their way towards the Seat with less success. For most the fishing was hard with few fish showing and insufficient takes to work out a winning method

    Brian Beeney joined us initially for what he thought was an hour’s social chat but which lasted until lunchtime as the ferryman had forgotten about him - which was to be repeated as we waited in vain to be picked up at 4.30

    The afternoon session proved to be as difficult for some with most fish coming from the bank by the jetty and while the morning produced its share of skerrets, as the afternoon wore on, bigger fish began to appear. Methods varied between DI7 and boobies, to slow sink and traditional green/black variations and by the end of the day, the final tally (on a 2 fish C&R ticket with 2lb per fish released) was:

    • 1 - Ian Watts - 7 Fish for 14.09lbs
    • 2 - Russell Bell - 6 fish for 11.41lbs
    • 3 - Mark Tremain-Coker - 4 fish for 8.16lbs
    • 4 - Dave Crouch - 1 fish for 2.90lbs (Biggest Fish)
    • 5 - Andy Stoner - 1 fish for 2.69lbs
    • DNC: Nick Cox, John Dunmall & Alastair Garner
  • Brick Farm

    19th March 2022 · Report by Andy Stoner

    This event is the first competition in the TWFFS calendar. Ten members attending, including two lady members, April Heasman and Kim Marsh. Also attending was a member we have not seen for some time, Alan Martin. Danni at the fishery provided breakfast rolls and cake

    Not the best conditions to fish: a strong south easterly breeze with gusts of about 20mph and very bright sunshine which pushed the fish down

    There are four lakes at Brick Farm. None of us caught out of Spring Lake. Most successful lakes were Brick and Well. Jon Dunmall caught a nice four inch swan mussel on a bloodworm. By lunchtime Keith Lawrence had caught his four fish and afterwards helped Alan with the bung method. Over lunch we held a raffle which raised £50.00 for the Club funds

    We finished fishing at 4.00pm and the results were as follows:

    Joint first were April Heasman and Keith Lawrence, both with a weight of 7lb 10oz. They were followed by Micky Heasman with 7lb 2oz. Joint fourth were Mike Marsh and Keith Nicholson with 4lb 4oz, then Andy Stoner with 3lb 6oz

    April also caught the biggest fish, a rainbow weighing 3lb 12oz, on a rubber legged daddy

    Thanks to everyone who attended the first event, and to Danni and her colleagues at Brick Farm for looking after us so well